Cables in Tallinn


We made a team of four people, Chen, Jesper, Sergio and me, we called it Vinge and Ilus (Cool and Nice) :-), we designed and drew a wiring harness assemply table with testing function that can be used in serial production (lol….), we constructed it, we tested it, and… it worked! And…. mama I did it!! The tester displayed »passed!». (much better than any ntua laboratory on electronics I think)

And this is for Jesper (from Denmark):

F: So, your first degree was in programming.

J: Yes.

F: Which languages?

J: C++, Java and some silly languages…., but I don’t know if you know it…, SML….

Somebody was forced to hear a greek theatrical monologue in the centre of Tallinn…. :-)


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