The waves came and passed


«During a vacation weekend some months ago I was standing on a headland overlooking one of the rugged coves which dot the coastline of northern California. Several large rock outcroppings were at the mouth of the cove, and those received the full force of the great Pacific combers which, beating upon them, broke into mountains of spray before surging into the cliff-lined shore. As I watched the waves breaking over these large rocks in the distance, I noticed with surprise what appeared to be tiny palm trees on the rocks, no more than two or three feet high, taking the pounding of the breakers. Through my binoculars I saw that these were some type of seaweed, with a slender «trunk» topped off with a head of leaves. As one examined a specimen in the interval between the waves it seemed clear that this fragile, erect, top-heavy plant would be utterly crushed and broken by the next breaker. When the wave crunched upon it, the trunk bent almost flat, the leaves were whipped into a single line by the torrent of water, yet the
moment the wave had passed, here was the pant again erect, tough, resilient. It seemed incredible that it was able to take this incessant pounding hour after hour, day after night, week after week, perhaps, for all I know, year and year, and all the time nourishing itself, extending its domain, reproducing itself; in short, maintaining and enhancing itself in this position which, in our shorthand, we call growth. Here in this palmlike seaweed was the tenacity of life, the forward thrust of life, the ability to push into an incredibly hostile environment and not only hold its own, but to adapt, develop, and become itself.»

Carl Rogers

Όλα όσα έκανε ο Carl Rogers, πχ τα βιβλία του ή ο τρόπος που έβλεπε τους ανθρώπους με επηρέασαν αρκετά και επίσης φτιάχνουν κατά κάποιον τρόπο τη ζωή μου οπότε τον θαυμάζω πολύ. Χθες έκλεισαν 21 χρόνια από το θάνατό του. Μακάρι να μπορούσα να τον συναντήσω αν και από εκεί που βρίσκεται είμαι σίγουρη πως παρατηρεί πάντα τους ανθρώπους όπως μόνο αυτός ξέρει.


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  1. Πέρασα να πω μία καλησπέρα.Δυστυχώς δεν τον ξέρω τον κύριο.Μπορείς να μου στείλεις κάποιο βιογραφικό του;Για να σε έχει συμαδέψει πρέπει να αξίζει

  2. Γεια σου island!
    Αν πατήσεις πάνω στο όνομά του το link σε οδηγεί στη wikipedia στην αντίστοιχη σελίδα. :-) Στα ελληνικά έχουν μεταφραστεί τρία νομίζω βιβλία του.


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