I’m in love?So much?Tell me more my good friends of today

Don’t tell me I am in love
because you make me laugh :)
don’t tell me I’ dying for this
because you make me laugh
don’t tell me I am good and true
can’t you stand I’m not one bit like you?
you say I have a heart of gold
you wanna make me laugh just more!
don’t tell me I need to give and feel
I need a collar just to set me free
see me admitting now your stuff
that sometimes I turn wrong keys
and I open the door
the one that I’ve gone through some times before
but you were not there
so don’t tell me what you know
I just don’t live in your world.
Don’t you know?
I don’t care bout your world really
Don’t act like am a magic hymn
Are you blind?
I’m a liar and I’m a cheat!
a real sore loser can’t stand defeat,
but have  you ever seen me in something like this?
so don’t tell me you know me
don’t speak about my dreams
what you mean?
wanna dance to their beat?
don’t talk bout my mind and thoughts
using words you hardly know
hey, don’t tell me I need to be true
what I need has long been overdue
do you see me acting good?
or do you see me acting wrong?
do you really think I am reborn?
I just play the music when they sing their songs
and yes there is a hope
that you will never know
A hope that I will not burn
when I make this show.

lalalalala lalala lala

To others and me


8 responses »

  1. mexri simera nomiza oti to blog den einai diko sou
    kai i oikogeneia moy auto kai i oikogeneia mou ekeino kai oi erwtes moukai ta sinaisthimata moy kai ta paidakia kai enas kalyteros kosmos kai i glikia anthrwpistria foititria kai saxlamares
    edw ta kala psemmata, parte kosme :)

    etsi re, I’m a liar and I’m a cheat! ante bravo

    poly wraio, an to melopoihseis mporei na vgei kai kalo me tipota kithares

  2. akousa gun club kai vrika auto stous stixous
    You thought winning as a woman, meant failing as a friend (true, it is)
    it is nor an art statement to drown a few passionate men
    oi gun club to lene,oxi egw :)

  3. @ tzo, alrent
    ωραία λοιπόν
    στον τίτλο λέει, tell me more my good friends of today. today. οπότε απαντήσατε σε λάθος ποστ… :)
    δημ, έσβησα ότι δε χρειαζόταν και αν θέλετε κάντε αλλου καμάκι μεταξύ σας :)
    mmmmmmmmmmm, eat my lies and my dust now, huhuhu

  4. w mi mou to les oti ta svises… ki eixa mia skasila twra… re espasan oi swlines kai exei gemisei to spiti nera kai ola ta vivlia kai ta rouxa kai ta panta :'(:'( o idioktitis itan a liar a cheat for sure, aaaaaaarggggghhhh ta neura moy :(:(:(
    mexri na ertheis tha to exoume ftiaxei elpizw :)
    bisous, wraio to poihma re


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