I, I can’t Escape myself (dedication)


Marianne – Ebba,

Everyone who believes so must go home :) Outside in da streets should stay the rest. The ones who break free in the skies and then mend on the ground. Come on Marianne-Ebba, my new friends of  Berlin.  You asked for a public dedication, why not,  and you will visit these days this address, so here you are! Don’t be so pathetic in front of your fate!!!!!!!!!!! It is just four letters. Fate is four letters. And cancer is six. And divorce is seven. And genocide is eight…. and incidents is nine… and nuclear attack is thirteen… eeegh… Ok, it’s enough :) Fate is four letters. Write them upside down. Nobody can do it better than you!

You are right Marianne-Ebba. Brave ones, they don’t stay forever in front of a window singing escape myself. They fight or kill themselves Marianne. They fight or kill themselves Ebba. Do the first. It’s more challenging i think in your conditions. Do it tomorrow. Ok? Good luck. I know you will try.

Bonne bourre with the oki doki ;)


Macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht


4 responses »

  1. my dedication!
    BONNE BOURRE ahahahahahahahahha, yes he is hot really, you know better

    Come on idiot bitch stop acting like I am two persons! :)

    Fot, you are a little imaginary I think and it is scaring sometimes :) Sometimes I cannot believe that you exist. And more I cannot understang what you do with your mind. I am sure you do something with your mind :) but i do not know what it is. But it is AMAZING :D I was thinking of you every day, you can come and visit me from next week

    i know you are a little obsessed with privacy. and hands hahahahaha :) but what do you think to make a blog together for me and you if you dont mind and anyone else interested to some stuff?

    say hi to the disgusting ugly horrible creature that is in love with you and bonne bourre with it

    luv u

  2. My mind? I just eat froasted bananas, I drink coconut chocolate and I do sex under the first moonlight of the chinese year
    I like the blog idea we will talk more f2f. yes, you can say that i will be totally obsessed with a private handjob hahahahah

    who is the creature Marianne- Ebba, TELL ME WHO IT ISSSS IF YOU DARRRRE


    please you have to sign as Marianne or Ebba at your comments otherwise I dont know who is talking :P cheers

    PS. they don’t allow me to enter, they are addicted to masturbation. and u have a laptop???!!!!!


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