what is it to be an academic?


You are an academic when you can read
in the way that books are written to be read,
fast and furious,
gleaning the Truth,
searching for the False,
going nowhere else than the place of instant glory,
a room with a tiny light glooming the endless darkness,
the agonizing blindness,
the palliative ignorance.

You are an academic when you can write
the same words
day and night
like you have never written before,
more confident than a finger can write on the sand,
quicker than two distant friends discuss,
faster than a prisoner knits a rope to freedom…

You are an academic when you can think,
could it ever carefreeness not be like this?

You are an academic when you can talk,
to those who want to know,
who already know.
(teaching has not started yet)

You are an academic when you can be silent,
listening to yourself more than
you speak to yourself,
listen to yourself who says
it’s ok.



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