-How was the world made?

-From the Bing Bang.

-I never understood what this means.

-It’s very simple. Universe was just a hot thing. This hot thing suddenly became bigger and bigger and bigger including more and more things.

-What hot thing?

-Just a very hot thing.

-Do you really believe in this? How was this hot thing made?

-It was just there.

-But where did the energy to create it come from?

-It was not created.

-How is this possible?

-Ehmm.. Like… you know… when a person who never ever received love… loves.


ps. Quentin Tarantino, possibly paraphrasing a song of Johnny Cash, wrote once in the script of the Natural Born Killers that:

Love is a hurtin' thing,
                    and it leaves a fiery sting.

Now Lera Lynn sings again that:

Love is a burnin' thing,
                    and it makes a fiery ring.




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